Learning To Be Eve

I remember thinking, “When I’m a mom, I’m not going to do it that way.” In fact, I was critical about other moms–too much in fact. 
Later, when I had my own kids I realized that every mom and every child is unique. No situation is the same. 
When you become a mom you get to choose what works best for your family. There is a little trial and error. I’m the first to admit I don’t always know the right answer.

I thought I would have my kids about one or two years apart. I remember being excited about the possibility of being pregnant. I was feeling great as I made my way to the doctor’s office with my little brown bag containing a glass jar. Yes, it was back a while, before the at-home pregnancy tests became available. 
No, I was not pregnant. 
When it finally did happen I laughed at myself. There was no need to take in any glass jar. No need because I was soooooo sick. I felt terrible. I was sicker than a dog. What ever that means. (my dog eats grass and barfs–could that be it?) 
I knew I was pregnant without the test. From then on I became a member of the Barbie Barf Club. Five times. Well, seven, counting some miscarriages.

My pregnancies were so difficult that the idea of having my kids close together went right out the window.  Yea, there’s six years between #4 and #5.
And that is fine. Remember if you are one of those women that can have a baby every year or two, that is not always the case for every woman.
We are all different. We need to take that into our perspective–someone else’s perspective. The ideal, big Mormon family, is not always the ideal. The ideal is distinct for each woman, for each family. We each have a calling to fulfill, a purpose on earth that will be unique to us. 
Didn’t Sarah have to wait until she was menopausal to become pregnant with Isaac?

  • thanks for this very reassuring post

  • Yeah, I was one of those woman who could deliver a Mac truck without any meds. I was made to make babies and why we stopped at three I don’t know. I guess they were so close in age we felt we had our hands full.

    To each their own….Great post!

  • Found you by your post on MMB. Had a fun visit. I really enjoyed the posts I read.

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