The Rivalry of Fear and Faith

I know this. I know that faith and fear cannot occupy my thoughts at exactly the same time. I know that I must not fear to exercise faith.

I can be afraid or I can have faith.  

I can alternate between the two, true.  And I do. You know the saying that fear precludes the ability to have faith?  They just can’t be there at the same time.  They are known rivals.

Studies have shown that when we are presented with two different images–say you look through a pair of glasses, one with an image, the other with an entirely different image–your mind does not fuse the two  together, instead your mind chooses one, and even alternates between the two images– this is called binocular rivalry 

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Researchers first showed subjects vertically oriented green stripes in the left eye and a horizontally oriented set of red stripes in the right eye. “The brain cannot fuse them in a way that makes sense. So the brain sees only horizontal or vertical,”

So when we are in a situation that causes us to fear, it would be wise to remember that we must choose to have faith or fear. 

Why is it so difficult though? Like our eyes, we seem to alternate from fear to faith to fear again.

I woke up at about 1:30 am the other night, restless, and then turning over I became dizzy.  Now, this should not cause me any great fear, as I have had BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) a number of times (dizzy blonde that I am).  I can usually figure out which ear it is, and avoid lying on that side and remember to not lie flat, or turn my head so that the bad ear is horizontal with the ground.  In a few days, I will be back to normal. 

But this time I could not tell which ear it was, as the spinning was not leaving. My vision was blurred. It was dark and that is always worse.  

It is much more difficult for me to have faith in the dark.  

Of course sometimes we are required to suffer some, I understand that life is to learn to have faith, so we must be given trials. Yes, that always goes through my mind. And yes, we get better at the faith part.  

Practice makes perfect–

I hate being in the middle of those times, but savor the experiences once they are past. 
But, I must remind myself that I can only see and think of one thing at a time, and it is always better to have faith, to let the channel be open to faith, and close that eye to fear.