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Doris Day and Cary Grant in “That Touch of Mink”

Doris Day in that touch of mink

I grew up watching Doris Day movies. So, naturally, those movies bring back memories of days gone by — the fashions, the cars, the furnishings from the 60’s, and when it wasn’t socially acceptable to run off for a weekend with a man you weren’t married to.  I remember the cafeterias that had those little doors with the food in them. They were like large, wall-sized vending machines, but with people operating them from the other side.I was a young child then, and the idea of the little door with food behind it seemed magical. There’s a scene with this kind of cafeteria.  Cary Grant calls it the “Automat” in the movie.


That Touch of Mink is a 1962 film starring Cary Grant, Doris Day, Audrey Meadows and Gig Young. Doris plays Cathy Timberlake, the young, out-of-work woman from the small town of Upper Sandusky, who meets the wealthy, accomplished businessman, Philip Shayne played by Cary Grant. Doris is the girl with morals and when she gets invited for a weekend in Bermuda, she is conflicted about going, after all she wants to get married first. But she can’t resist proving that the girls from Upper Sandusky are as sophisticated as the city women  — and agrees to go. But, of course, once there she is reluctant and breaks out in spots, going back home. 

After Doris agrees to go to Bermuda, she gets this whole new wardrobe at Bergdorf Goodman. Leonard shows up at her door to completely outfit her for the trip. Now that’s any girl’s dream come true. I love these 60’s fashions. When my sister got called to go with her husband to be the mission president in Alabama, we laughed about how she needed this assistant — she needed a whole new wardrobe.

She and Cary Grant eventually get together, married of course, and the slimy fellow named Beasley at the unemployment office, with his cheap wine and TV dinner, gets the slip. This is a comedy with old-time values and morals. Fun. The film is in color, but here are some shots from the sidelines:

Doris Day and Cary Grant in That touch of mink
Doris Day
Beasley at the unemployment office:
Doris Day The Thrill of it all


Here is the scene in the “Automat”

And the 1960s fashion show



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