The Thrill of it All Doris Day and James Garner

This film was released in 1963. I was only 9 years old, so I must have seen it as a re-run. I have always liked older films.  This is another “feel good” movie, where I  can escape from things like the bad economy, start-up businesses and the IRS.

Doris Day was a popular actress, having been nominated for an Oscar in “Pillow Talk.” The movie,“The Thrill of it All” ran for weeks — longer than any other, with people lined-up around the block. The film was done by Carl Reiner. Here she is doing her soap commercial:


James Garner is a doctor, delivering babies, and Doris gets caught up delivering soap commercials. It’s just good, clean fun. Some of my favorite scenes when I was a kid was when the entire yard filled up with soap suds. Also, when Doris is sleeping and her little kids pull her eyelids open to check and see if she is awake,yet. The little girl has the cutest voice and I actually know the guy who played the little boy.

Take your mind off your worries, watch this film by yourself or even with your kids.

My fav line: “I’m Beverly Boyer, and I’m a pig” Doris Day (Beverly) shares the story of washing her daughter, Maggie’s hair with the new “Happy Soap” instead of the Pine Tar Soap. 

My daughter found this and bought it for me:

Here is a clip/trailer for the movie from Video Detective: The Thrill of it All

On the set with Carl Reiner — Doris Day and James Garner:


  • Saimi

    My mom is a HUGE Doris Day fan. When I was a kid I remember the Doris Day wig my mom used to wear, well, it was a wig that was the same hair style as Doris’s…I always thought that was funny.

  • Patty Ann

    Oh, I love Doris Day. She is pretty amazing and I love old movies that are simply good, clean fun!

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