Here’s Hugh Nibley, classic humor, reminiscing about his days in the military on the Eve of Thanksgiving:

My first assignment — it was so typically Army you must hear about it: It was the eve of Thanksgiving, and I was scrubbing toilets out with a big brush, with a big scrubbing brush. I was busy scrubbing these latrines out and so forth, and an officer came to me and said,


“come with me and bring the brush.”


So I said,


“come with me and bring the brush.”


It was a huge pile of celery, they were preparing it for the officer’s mess the next day.


He says, “clean this celery off.”


But I said, “but this brush, I just used it for cleaning toilets…” 
“That doesn’t make any difference, if it looks shiny and clean, that’s the Army, that’s all we want to know.”



So there I was cleaning that celery for the officers the next day for their Thanksgiving dinner with a toilet brush. That’s so typically Army. I mean it’s marvelous, you know, and it just goes on. (Faith of an Observer)

Hugh Nibley’s military photo:

Here’s a vegetable brush:

Here’s a toilet brush:
In the military I guess it’s all the same.