We may think that the Jews or the Romans killed Jesus. But we forget that no one could take His life. They did not kill Him so much as Jesus gave up His life willingly.

He chose to die. He finished His course. He fulfilled His calling. It was all part of the plan.

Jesus let that act happen–no one could take His life, not the cross, not the Romans, not the Jews — He gave up the ghost willingly. He chose. He was the only one since Adam who had power over physical death. It’s the ultimate gift of charity.

Christ was born of a mortal, physical mother and an immortal, glorified Father. He had a different genetic makeup, both spiritually and physically. When He came forth on the third day after his death, with a body of flesh and bones, He showed he had power to take up his life.

when christ died

He also had the power to lay down his life. He could have chosen to live, but he did not. He chose to do the more difficult task–to suffer death and pain. He had and does have power over life and death. He healed the sick, even from death; he healed the soldier’s ear, after it was cut off.

Timing of Christ’s Death

When did he give up his mortal life? When did Jesus die? According to scripture, He gave up his life as the Passover Feast was being prepared–as the lambs were being sacrificed for the paschal meal, Jesus, the Lamb of God gave up His life.

He became the new Passover — He became the Lamb that was sacrificed for the Passover — the Passover, to remember the night the angel of death “passed-over” the homes of all those Israelites who had the blood of a lamb on their door post.

Today most scholars believe that Christ died on 3 April 33 AD which was 14 Nissan, the Friday before the start of the Sabbath, before the Passover which would begin on that day at sundown. (back then days were counted from sundown to sundown, the Sabbath beginning at sundown on Friday.) However, this Sabbath day of preparation could have referred to the holy day of Passover, and that could have fallen on a day other than the Sabbath Saturday. Some believe that he gave his life on Thursday, thus making the 3 days until he would rise again, more accurate. (ref)

3 April 33 A.D. — 14 Nissan

It was about the third hour (9:00 A.M. Thursday or Friday) when the Savior was nailed to the cross.

About noon an earthquake occurred, which rent the veil of the temple. The sun was also obscured, and “there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.” (Luke 23:44.)

It was about three in the afternoon when the Savior cried out, “my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46.)

Then he said, “It is finished” (John 19:30)…”Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit”…and having said this, he gave up the ghost. (Luke 23:46).

At sundown, the Sabbath and the Passover began, the 15 Nissan. Christ had completed his earthly role in the plan of salvation.

when christ died