I love beeswax. I use it in my homemade creams and lotions. But I like to know that the beeswax is pure without any other wax. I began to question some of the sources on Amazon when some of the beeswax just didn’t smell right. Many times the product came from China. Who knows if it’s real beeswax.

I started looking for a local beeswax source, preferably from a beekeeper. I actually bought a one pound bar from a beekeeper in Ohio — ebeehoney. The prices were reasonable, especially if you buy them in the larger, one pound bars. But if you have ever bought one of these chunks of beeswax then you know how hard it is to cut off smaller pieces for your homemade creams.

So I decided to melt down the beeswax and pour them into smaller molds. It was really easy to do. And it’s much easier to use the smaller sized bars in recipes. Plus, you can cut those smaller bars down if you need to. It turned out to be a win – win.

Items You Need for Melting Beeswax:

Melting Pot

Single Electric Burner (or you could just use your stove)

Silicone Mold or  Smaller sized Silicone Mold or Oval Silicone Mold


melting beeswax

Melting beeswax

melted beeswax in silicone molds

beeswax in silicone molds

molded beeswax bars DIY

melting beeswax into bars DIY