I’m all about that word “survival” even though it brings to mind everything connected with “disaster” — yea, not something we really see in our current civilization in the U.S. But history is awash with it for sure. And it seems to be a popular topic for reality t.v.

I guess I just don’t want to be caught trying to survive when a disaster happens — be that any kind of scenario, from a simple back-packing expedition to some crazy earthquake disaster.

I’ve written about my son and daughter-in-law’s business — Slide Belts. They have just launched a new product — entirely innovative. It’s their Survival Belt(see it here on their site) — looks like a regular belt, but is made of an extra strong strap that is literally used for industrial purposes — it’s waterproof, frost flex, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and easy to clean.

And the buckle is light-weight, high-grade polymer with some hidden extras: First, the buckle removes easily and from there, you have a knife (like a pocket knife) that safely opens for use. Then there is a small fire-starter and bright mini flashlight. Ah, and you can open a bottle cap as well. Now you can have a pocket knife, but you don’t need a pocket, it’s part of your belt.

Check it out: SlideBelts.com